Sacred Birth Prenatal Formula Vegan Capsules

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255 Vegan Capsules - No soy, dairy, binders, fillers or additive
Red Raspberry Leaf, Nettle Leaf, Alfalfa Leaf, Kelp, African Moringa, Dandelion Root, Raw Beet Root, Chicory, Red Clover Blossoms, Yellow Dock Root and Amalaki.
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Our prenatal formula is created using 70% organic ingredients and the remaining 30% are wild harvested. This formula was intentionally formulated in this fashion.

It is Total Body Enhancement's practice to use wild harvested ingredients from their natural environment if the plant life can be obtained unadulterated by man.  If not, our next choice is to use organic ingredients grown outside which have received natural solar energy and are grown in the earth. 

This complete, balanced and multi functional plant based formula is designed specifically for women who have decided to become pregnant, are currently pregnant or have recently given birth to a newborn infant. 

  • Selecting our prenatal formula means you've made a conscious decision to refrain from putting synthetic ingredients created in a lab as contained in most prenatal supplements on the market today yet you both receive the required levels of mineral and amino acids.  You've made one of the most important choices you can make to allow the natural and divine intelligence of the plant kingdom to provide you and your baby with a synergistic experience which will in turn help to restore or maintain your physical, mental and emotional health during pregnancy and after birth. 
  • Our formula is blended focusing on the complex nutritional requirements of a mother-to-be along with properties to increase oxygen flow within the blood promoting circulation, energy, cellular regeneration, muscle fatigue and improving the health of you and your baby's brain/central nervous system.
  • This unique formula strengthens the female reproductive system which supports the unborn baby and mother through all stages during pregnancy and labor. 
  • This formula also naturally increases the production of milk and should be continued after childbirth. Your milk will become richer and fuller in consistency.
  • Taking this formula in combination with our 528 Hz Greens and Vitamin C extract is ideal and provides purification of the expecting mother's organs who should not be detoxifying in a traditional sense during pregnancy.  Our product developer used this exact formula with her three children during pregnancy and after. 
  • Using this formula while living a lifestyle in harmony with natural law and principles is what she shares as being one of the primary sources to bring forth healthy and happy children. 
  • Love of life is present when making the choice to strengthen our ancestral lineage by living a lifestyle filled in traditional ways.  This formula is in alignment with the traditional methods used within indigenous cultures. 
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    Best Prenatal vitamins

    Posted by Rachel Ray From The Bay on Feb 3rd 2022

    Great product, keeps me energized and full of nutrients for me and baby

  • 5

    Posted by Rachel on Dec 5th 2021

    The product is excellent and everything I need for a healthy pregnancy

  • 5
    Ordering MORE

    Posted by Julz on Nov 11th 2021

    I just wanted to let you all know that I received my order so fast and I was able to feel so much BETTER when I started incorporating the herbs in my daily routine. I’m about 14 weeks expecting and I found immediate relief from brain fogginess and unable to think straight as well more energy. My digestion is better as well. Thank you for these products and us being able to order them. Hope to order MORE from you all very soon!!

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