Kidney and Bladder Formula - 100 Vegan Capsules

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INGREDIENTS: Juniper Berries, Uva Ursi, Cornsilk and Parsley Root. (ACTUAL PRODUCT PICTURE)


- This is another one of our products offered in vegan capsule form.

- Not many ingredients are required to get the job done; "Sweet & Simple!"

- An excellent combination if you're looking to flush your kidneys and bladder as well as strengthen these organs while removing toxic waste from your blood.

- We provide you with actual product images. Look at the ingredients and compare them to the picture. You can see each ingredient creating a perfect blend to health and wellness.

- Modify your diet to receive optimal results. The more raw foods the better.

- Avoid mucus and acid forming foods such as dairy, sodas, caffeine, refined sugars, heavy starches and fried foods.

- Juniper Berry (aka Cedar Berry) is a berry I feel is not mentioned often yet has a multitude of benefits that are extremely effective. It's actually quit amazing how effective this food source is.

- Used in this formula for its ability to remove acid and toxic wastes from the kidney and bladder.

- Juniper berry has anti-inflammatory properties and is effective at dissolving kidney stones and waste build up in the prostate gland.

- While using this formula it's imperative you drink plenty of water.

- Adding cold pressed juices of any type or combination of berries will boost your results.

- Juniper berries is a diuretic meaning you'll urinate more often and it removes waste from the bloodstream. 

- Regulates sugar in the blood stream and is excellent for those with high and/or low blood sugar health issues.


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