Amazonite Piece - Large

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If you have friends who like it, this will be a Perfect Gift for beginners or collectors of crystals. Amazonite empowers you to search, discover your own truths and integrity, providing the freedom to express your thoughts and feelings and to set strong and clear boundaries. This is an assortment of pre-tumbled and polished gemstones. Pls note that these stones are undrilled and no holes, not for jewelry chains working. The photos are only for reference, the shape and size of stones are various, you will receive one similar pound as in the picture shown.


Excellent for Chakra cleansing, reiki healing, and crystal grids. Can be used for all kinds of crafts projects, jewelry making, beach wedding, flower pot or decoration. You can put the crystal chips into the fish tank, keep the water quality of the magnet clean, or place it in the plant pot for decoration.




Feature: Eco-Friendly 


Materials: Organic Crystal 


Color: Assorted Colors



Heals and opens both the heart and throat chakra. Extremely soothing stone especially from emotional trauma.  It balances masculine and feminine energies.  Alleviates worry and fear. Assists in manifesting universal love. Dissipates negative energy and blockages within the nervous system.

Absorbs cell phone and microwave emanations. Protects against EMF pollution.  You can glue this stone directly onto your cell phone for EMF and radiation protection.  This stone also blocks geopathic stress. 

*** Each piece sold separate.  Slight variation is size and color based on actual piece selected at the time of order fulfillment.***