Virus Prevention Kit

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Our Virus Prevention Kit contains four of our most popular and effective formulas. This kit is complete with everything you and your family needs to prevent an illness and will also kill the pathogen during the onset of sickness.

All formulas including in this kit are safe for infants, children, adults and the elderly. TBE Herbs only creates and offers non alcoholic liquid extracts. Directions on recommended usage is included on each bottle label.

Cooties Be Gone targets a pathogen causing sickness in your body and wipes it out on a cellular level. It also removes the toxic waste byproduct from your body. So this means it fights against viruses too, yes such as COVID. Many, many people use it for this particular situation. It’s an extremely powerful formula.

Our Immune Enhancement liquid extract strengthens your immune system, the defense mechanism of your body. This provides you with a solid, strong foundation. This formula helps you prevent from getting sick. With a strong immune system, your body is more capable of protecting you if you do become sick or have a disease.

Can you take them both simultaneously? ABSOLUTELY YES!

Depending on the severity of your situation, you won’t need to. Many take the Cooties Be Gone first to eliminate the problem and then the Immune Enhancement extract to strengthen and repair their defense system.

Our Breath of Life extract is another one of Total Body Enhancements most popular products. Our Breath of Life formula dispels mucus specifically within the respiratory system, alleviates inflammation and promotes oxygen in the lungs while eliminating toxic buildup from the blood. Because this formula reduces inflammation, it will naturally reduce the risk of asthma, bronchitis, Crohn’s disease and cardiovascular diseases.

Our Vitamin C is one of the most pure forms of a rich plant based antioxidant available on the market. Recommended to be taken daily as a dietary supplement.

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    Prevention Kit

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    Thank you for the Essentials

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