Sky High Sugar Regulator

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100 Vegan Capsules - No soy, dairy, binders, fillers or additive
Schizandra, Chanca Piedra, Uva Ursi, Kalonji (Black Seed), Bitter Melon, Barberry Root and Dandelion Root.
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Our Sky High Sugar Regulator will help normalize high and low blood sugar levels. High and low sugar levels ultimately stem from the same source being an imbalance of glucose and oxygen causing stress to the body leading to glandular exhaustion.

Our formula is concentrated in nutrients that work fast in the bloodstream. This formula also provides pancreatic support to help repair organ damage which causes the body to lose its ability to produce enough insulin.

A truly highly effective formula that can be taken by children and adults. We recommend performing our Total Body Detox cleanse to truly begin reversing the effects of degeneration within the body.

For best results, reduce consumption of meat, dairy, alcohol, refined sugars and processed foods of all kind. There are many documented results of reversing the ill effects caused by imbalanced sugar levels through a modified diet and lifestyle. This formula can help you successfully accomplish this goal without harmful side effects.

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