Respiratory Relief (R & R) Formula

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100 Vegan Capsules - No soy, dairy, binders, fillers or additive
Spikenard, Fenugreek Seed, Lungwort, Coltsfoot and Eucalyptus.
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Introducing "Respiratory Relief - R & R" formula, our advanced respiratory formula meticulously handcrafted to provide relief and support for individuals facing chronic respiratory problems and infections which can cause severe damage to the lungs and pulmonary system.

  • Designed with a blend of organic and wild crafted herbal ingredients, our "Respiratory Relief - R & R" formula is a breakthrough solution to focus on more severe issues than our best seller "Breath of Life" formula. This formula is often recommended for those with lung diseases, smokers, etc.
  • Our "Respiratory Relief - R & R" formula is specifically formulated to address chronic respiratory issues, providing targeted support to soothe and strengthen the respiratory system. The main function of this formula is to prevent an onset of a respiratory crisis and heal wounds including lacerations to the lungs causing blood when coughing, chest pains, fatigue, long lasting coughs and sinusitis
  • R & R formulas has anti-Inflammatory properties harnessing the power of potent anti-inflammatory ingredients found especially in this proprietary blend of powerful herbs.
  • Our unique blend includes ingredients with mucolytic properties helping to break down and expel mucus from the airways fostering clearer and more efficient breathing and providing a free flow of oxygen to the blood.
  • Packed with antioxidants, our R & R formula helps combat oxidative stress in the respiratory system promoting cellular health and overall well-being. This particular respiratory formula is packed with some of the most powerful plants known to help the respiratory system and designed to provide relief without causing drowsiness.

"Respiratory Relief - R & R" formula allows you to maintain your daily routine while actively supporting your respiratory system.

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