Clairvoyance Extract

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2 fl. ounces, Amber Glass bottle with dropper.
Blue Lotus Petals, California Poppy, Ashwagandha Root, Inebriating Mint, African Ubulawu (Silene Capensis), Uvuma Omhlope (Kirkii) and Shankhapushpi.
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Our unique herbal blend infused into a non alcohol vegetable base is formulated to help provide foresight and clarity into a person's life and dreams.

It is recommended that you speak to the herbs and tell them what you need clarity regarding before dropping the recommended dosage into your mouth. Journaling the insight placed on your heart and in your mind during this period can be a powerful tool when using this formula.

We have included rare herbs used within indigenous cultures that can help one easily connect with spiritual advisors to remove blocks and illusions often perceived as reality in this physical life form. This is a one of a kind formula was channeled by our owner. During the dream state, she was shown the exact process of how to combine and infuse this potent liquid extract. The results have been the product creation of 7 new formulas. It took 9 months to complete the herbal extraction process of these flowers, roots and twigs.

Please note: Not recommended for children, pregnant or nursing women. 

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